• Image of Goddestruktor (MC + pen)

SUICIDE COMMANDO "Goddestruktor"
Format: Limited MC/tape + pen
Release: July 22nd 2022
Price: 19,99 euro

Side A
A1 Kill all humanity
A2 I'd die for you (v2.0)
A3 God of destruction
A4 Jesus freak
A5 Sterbehilfe (euthanasia 2021)
A6 Destroyer of worlds
A7 Land of roses
A8 Bang bang bang

Side B
B2 Trick or treat
B3 Bunkerb!tch (censored)
B4 Belief
B5 Bang bang bang (single version)
B6 Jesus freak (die in agony)
B7 Kill all humanity (short and painless)